taking u 2 Uganda

 We understand that many of you will never have the opportunity to visit us here in Uganda.  This is why we have made these videos.  These clips entitled "taking u 2 Uganda" are brief 3-4 minute monthly videos that give you a closer look at the life and ministry of Uganda.  You may never get the chance to physically visit Uganda and so we hope that these videos will allow you to visit Uganda from your own computer, tablet or phone.  If the day comes that you are able to visit us, you will already have a feel and friendship with our country and people.

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Furlough Videos

Explore the exciting history of the different ministries in Uganda that God has allowed the Matt Stensaas family to be involved in since 1999.

Ministry Presentation 1999-2002
Ministry Presentation 2003 -2007
Ministry Presentation 2008-2012
Ministry Presentation 2013-2018